“He who climbs upon the highest mountains laughs at all tragedies, real or imaginary.” ― Friedrich Neitszche

Guerilla Mike: Providing social commentary, real talk, and opinion.

Guerilla (var guerrilla): an unconventional warrior; a freedom fighter; a rebel; a revolutionary. One who employs unconventional strategies and tactics, utilizing the elements of speed, surprise, and violence of action to harass and assault a larger conventional opponent.

Mike (var. mic): Writer. Warrior. Traveler. Unraveler…

About the Site…

Guerillamike.com is a site for social commentary, bruising opinion, and surgical satire. It is a platform to express a personal perspective. We live in an age when we’re all either pissed-off and/or turned-on about something or the other. As a result, we’ve all become a manic depressive self-medicated bunch of cry babies.

The truth is, we’re all just a bunch of pampered puckered assholes trying to decide what side of the fence we’re going to get penetrated on. Just grab your cup of joe and tune-in to morning radio. Or pour a glass of vino and turn on the evening news. Or unbuckle your belt and scroll down your social media feed. You’ll bear witness to the entire spectrum of human decency and debauchery, courage and cowardice, sushi and shit-stains.

Guerilla Mike is just here to say what the fuck is on his mind. Consequently, nothing is off limits. We’ll violently penetrate a diverse range of topics from Politics, Religion, Culture, Sports, Entertainment, Science, Philosophy, Art, Literature and more. Get pissed-off. Get turned-on. Take a stand. Take a knee. Agree. Disagree. Agree to disagree. 

About Guerilla Mike…

Guerilla Mike was born in Guyana, a not so small South American country that is also considered part of the British West Indies. It was a once crown colony in the old British empire known for its rum, rice, sugarcane, and cricketers. His father is of East-Indian, European, and African ancestry. His mother is of Amerindian and Chinese heritage, reflecting the cultural diversity of the Caribbean and its people.

Guerilla Mike grew up in Guyana until the age of seven before moving to the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. He then moved to the United States at the age of fourteen to attend high school and university. He studied Biology, English Literature, and History, while keeping a keen interest in Philosophy and the Sciences.

About the Plan…

After university, he moved back to the Caribbean and then to Asia a few years later in pursuit of career and adventure. Living and working in Asia has allowed him to feed his passions for travel, adventure, and storytelling. His unique heritage, travels, and experiences have given him a provoking perspective on an eclectic array of issues.

He created Guerillamike.com as a platform for his thoughts and writing. It is a place to share his perspective on issues great and small; profoundly important and incredibly asinine. It is a celebration and assassination of humanity as he sees it, a canvas to paint his abstract impressions of the times we live in.

Hopefully, it can be a place to enjoy thought-provoking opinion, stimulating writing, scathing wit, and brutal no-holds-barred honesty. It’s a work in progress and we look forward to the journey and the stories we will hear and those that we will tell…

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My grandfather with my cousin Tony and me growing up in Guyana…