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Happy Endings – The goal of every Online Business

Digital Marketing, Online Sales, and Customer Service tools are essential to the success of any Online Business. After all, the end goal is to achieve a happy ending, both for a company’s bottom line and its customers.

Businesses achieve happy endings by advertising products and services, attracting and engaging customers, and completing a successful sale. Customers achieve happy endings by searching for products and services, finding reputable vendors, and making a quality purchase at a fair and competitive price.

Advertising products and services is simply the first step. The goal of any marketing campaign is to attract and engage customers. Businesses spend a significant amount of their operating budgets in order to do so. But massive marketing budgets need a solid ROI in the form of revenue from sales. And Marketing and Sales go hand-in-hand with excellent Customer Service.


HubSpot – Customer Service Tools to guarantee a Happy Ending

HubSpot provides a full suite of tools for Digital Marketing, Online Sales, and Customer Service, with a completely free CRM at its core. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and helps businesses efficiently engage and manage their most valuable resource, i.e. their customers.

HubSpot offers 4 main products that are powerful tools on their own, but even better when used together.

Customer Service Tools: HubSpot Free CRM

HubSpot’s free CRM gives business everything they need to organize, track, and build better relationships with leads and customers:

  • 100% Free
  • Empower your Sales team
  • Automate tasks
  • Learn in minutes
  • Organize effortlessly

Manage your Pipeline with Total Visibility

  • Get an up-to-the-minute view of your entire sales funnel on a clean, visual dashboard.
  • Sort deals won and lost, appointments scheduled, and contracts sent over any time period, and track performance against set quotas.
  • Sort deals by name, owner, amount, or stage with custom filters for actionable analytics.

Log Every Activity Automatically

  • HubSpot CRM tracks customer interactions automatically – whether they’re in an email, across social media, or on a call.
  • Sync with Gmail or Outlook, and capture every call, email, or meeting as it happens.

See Everything about a Contact in one Place

  • Go way beyond names and job titles. Every interaction is stored in a tidy timeline, including calls, emails, meetings, and notes.
  • No need to dig through a messy inbox or spreadsheet to figure out where a relationship left off.
  • Sync up with HubSpot’s marketing software, and know which content a lead has consumed to personalize your sales approach.

Chat with Prospects and Customers in Real Time

  • Build better relationships with prospects and customers through personalized, one-to-one conversations.
  • HubSpot CRM includes free tools for live chat, team email, and bots, plus a universal inbox that gives sales, marketing, and customer service teams one place to view, manage, and reply to all conversations — regardless of the messaging channel they came from.
  • Your whole team will find it easy to manage one-to-one communications at scale.
  • And it’s all free.


Customer Service Tools: HubSpot Marketing Hub

Digital Marketing software to help you grow traffic, convert more visitors, and run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale.

All-in-One Inbound Marketing Software

  • Everything you need to launch effective marketing campaigns.
  • Make people interested in your business and happy to be your customer.

Build and Modify Your Website Without IT

  • Drag and drop your way to polished web pages, blog posts, landing pages, and email templates.
  • Editing your content and modifying your designs is just as simple.
  • Be ready for visitors from any device.

Get Your Content in Front of the Right People

  • Create a content strategy that adapts to the way modern search works, and easily publish blog content without the hassle of formatting.
  • Get real-time SEO suggestions, and publish to social media at optimal times to reach the right influencers and followers.
  • Serve up relevant content, images, headlines, and CTAs based on past behaviors

Drive More Traffic to Key Landing Pages

  • Design calls-to-action your visitors can’t help but click.
  • Personalize messaging based on location, traffic source, device, persona, and more.
  • No coding required.

Convert More Visitors Into Qualified Leads

  • Launch professional-looking landing pages in seconds without relying on a web developer.
  • Attach a form with a single click.
  • Run A/B tests to increase conversions over time.
  • Engage with interested website visitors in real time with live chat.

Turn Leads Into Customers With Less Effort

  • Give each lead a personalized path to purchase.
  • With drip campaigns, you can queue up a series of emails that give leads everything they need to become paying customers.
  • Every interaction with your content can trigger the perfect follow-up or next step automatically.

Track Customers and Report Your Impact on the Bottom Line

  • Connect with HubSpot CRM or Salesforce to automatically record and organize every interaction customers have with your brand.
  • Use this data to confidently report on how each marketing campaign and asset contributes to sales.

Attract more Targeted Traffic to your Pages

  • Create more of the content your ideal prospects crave, and then make it impossible for them to miss it.
  • Design your own responsive website without any coding.
  • Speed up web design even further by choosing from thousands of customizable templates and modules that are proven to convert.
  • HubSpot’s content strategy tool allows you to attract more visitors by creating content around key topics your customers are searching for.
  • Get your content seen with as-you-type SEO advice that helps you rank.
  • Use ads to drive more awareness, and share your content across social networks to reach the right people at the right time across all channels.

Convert More Visitors into Qualified Leads

  • Use landing pages to get more of your website visitors to opt into email lists, webinars, free trials, demos, videos, and more.
  • Launch your landing pages in less time by choosing from a library of built-in templates that are proven to convert, or create your own without a web developer.
  • Embed video in your content to engage visitors, and easily add CTAs to drive your desired follow-up action.
  • Add a sign-up form your prospects won’t hate filling out, and watch completion rates skyrocket.
  • Finally, see how your page will look across devices, hit publish, and use incoming data to boost conversion rates even further.

Close More Deals with Less Effort

  • Increase sales by giving each lead the personal attention they need at scale.
  • Use live chat and chatbots to engage with website visitors in real time and automatically connect conversations to the right people on your team.
  • When a lead subscribes to your email list, follow up with relevant drip email campaigns to help them take the next step.
  • Use any interaction with your content to trigger the perfect follow up – whether that’s a particular email with a link to a sales page, a call from your sales team, or something else entirely.
  • Connect HubSpot’s marketing software with HubSpot CRM or Salesforce to automatically track each interaction, and then use this data to create segmented email lists.

Delight Customers to Maximize Value

  • Turn customers into promoters by continuing to deliver value post-purchase.
  • With social monitoring tools, you can keep an eye on what customers are saying on social media.
  • With marketing automation, tailoring your content and campaigns to increase referrals, upsells, and customer loyalty is simple.
  • Use the tools from HubSpot’s customer service software to build a modern customer support system and improve your customers’ experience.
  • Run surveys that generate testimonials, and add them to your website content to generate even more demand.


Customer Service Tools: HubSpot Sales Hub

  • Get notified the moment a lead opens your email
  • Track every interaction automatically
  • Organize all your activities in one place
  • Start for free, and upgrade as you grow

Automate Outreach Without Being Impersonal

  • Queue up a sequence of personalized follow-up emails and reminders that get delivered automatically at the right time.

Create and Share Email Templates

  • Turn repetitive emails into templates, measure their performance, and share the best ones with your entire team.

Follow Up Flawlessly

  • Get notified the instant prospects open an email, click a link, or open an attachment for timely, relevant follow-up with the hottest leads.

Land More Meetings

  • Connect with prospects through live chat on your website, and eliminate back and forth emails and missed calls.

Make Deals, Not Data Entries

  • Eliminate manual entry as every lead’s contact info, email opens, and clicks get logged automatically.

Track Your Entire Pipeline

  • Sync with HubSpot CRM to track deals won, lost, and in progress, and to see which reps are your best performers (and why).

Uncover more New Leads in Less Time

  • With HubSpot, you’ll know who’s interested in your products and services without even asking.
  • You can see who visits your website in real time, how often they visit, and which pages they’re most interested in.
  • To keep these prospects from slipping through the cracks, draft a sequence of personalized emails and reminders, set a delivery schedule, and then each follow-up will hit their inbox automatically.
  • And when they open an email, click a link, or download an attachment, it’s logged for quick reference, and you’ll get notified instantly.

Get your Emails Opened and Calls Answered

  • Follow up with the right leads, with the right message, at the right time.
  • HubSpot tells you the second a lead opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an attachment.
  • To catch them before they leave their inbox, use email templates to send the perfect follow-up in seconds, or get them on the phone without even leaving your browser.
  • And if you just want to write emails when you have time and send them when they’ll get read, you can schedule your emails for a specified time.
  • Use machine learning to deliver emails to prospects at times when they’re most likely to engage.

Land more Meetings and Close more Deals

  • Use predictive lead scoring to prioritize your outreach based on a contact’s likelihood to convert into a customer.
  • Connect with prospects on your site in real time through live chat, and book more meetings by eliminating the back and forth emails and phone calls.
  • Set your availability, and send a customized link that lets them choose a time that works for everyone.
  • Use playbooks to craft a personalized pitch minutes before your call.
  • Follow up with a beautifully designed proposal that you can generate and share with a few quick clicks.
  • Collect eSignatures and payments seamlessly, all inside your HubSpot account.

Manage your Pipeline with Unparalleled Insight

  • In HubSpot, you can set up and manage a pipeline that matches the way you sell in real life, without expensive consultants or training.
  • Click, drag, and drop your way to custom deal stages, lifecycle stages, and contact records.
  • Add new deals in seconds and let HubSpot fill-in deal records automatically.
  • See where deals are piling up, and use automated workflows to rotate leads, create new deals, create and assign tasks, and more.
  • Performance and sales activities are automatically tracked for your entire team in canned or customizable reports so you can grab metrics around quotas, productivity, pipeline health, and more.


Customer Service Tools: HubSpot Service Hub

Customer Service tools that make it easy to manage and connect with customers, and truly help them succeed. You’ll make customers happier, keep them longer, and grow your business faster

The Hard Truth About Your Customers

  • A massive shift has taken place in the relationship between businesses and customers.
  • Today, customers have more control, more options, and higher expectations than ever.
  • 60% of consumers have stopped doing business with a brand due to a poor customer service experience.

Customer Service Isn’t a Sunk Cost

  • Today’s most successful businesses have found out that happy customers are the secret to growth.
  • They buy more, stay longer, refer their friends, and tell the world about you.
  • Take a proactive approach to helping your customers — and you need software that makes it easy.
  • B2B customers with high customer engagement scores achieve 50% higher revenue/sales.

Deliver Organized, Efficient, and Helpful Customer Service

  • Customers don’t care about the internal structure of your company — they just want help.
  • This starts with the Conversations inbox, which brings all your communication channels — email inboxes, live chat, forms, Facebook messenger, and more — together into one universal inbox.
  • Service Hub also offers a complete help desk with built-in automation and reporting, so you can turn chats and emails into tickets that are easily organized, prioritized, and tracked.

Help Customers Faster

  • For many of today’s customers, the best service experience is to get out of their way and help them help themselves.
  • Service Hub’s self-service solutions are designed to make it easy for customers to solve their own problems.
  • The knowledge base too lets you build a robust library of support articles that help customers quickly find the information they need.
  • Service Hub’s live chat makes it easy to engage more customers in conversations.
  • Using the service bot, you can scale these conversations to help customers get answers without involving a human specialist.

Get Customer Feedback and Identify Advocates

  • For people to trust your business, you need customer advocates who are willing to proactively vouch for you.
  • Service Hub’s feedback and advocacy tools help you understand your customers so you can improve their experience and identify happy customers willing to share their opinion of your business.
  • When you identify customers who are happy and eager to promote your business, turn their stories into social proof by asking them for the right type of marketable content.

Customers are the most valuable resource for any business. But up to 60% of customers stop doing business with a brand due to a poor customer service experience. On the other hand, a great customer service experience translates into customer satisfaction and brand loyalty which in turn generate sales.

Businesses with high customer engagement scores can achieve up to 50% more sales revenue. In the digital age, businesses need powerful Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service tools to help them grow at a digital pace.

Grow your Business with HubSpot


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